Hime-chan’s Ribbon: Episode 08 Annex

September 9, 2006 — Chūō Expressway in Hime-chan Ep 8

The map is from tokyo_topo_1977.jpg, Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection.

See also Wikipedia::Chuo Expressway

(Pronunciation of “Chūō”... Chū is like t you as in don’t you and ō is like oh)

Entering the Chūō Expressway. This tollgate is probably the one at the Kunitachi-Fuchū Interchange (国立府中IC). Kazetachi (風立), where Hime-chan lives, is a fictional town based on Kunitachi (国立), a real city in the suburbs of Tokyo.
Driving west toward outside of Tokyo. This place is still in Tokyo. Probably the bridge over Tama River (Tama-gawa 多摩川).
Now around Sagamiko (相模湖), a small town in the mountains by the border of Tokyo and Kanagawa. This place is already in Kanagawa.
In Kanagawa, near Sagamiko. Lake Sagami is in the town of Sagamiko, and there are a lot of rivers and bridges around it.
Exiting from the Chūō Expressway. There are only two exits around this place; this must be either the Sagamiko Higashi Interchange (相模湖東IC) or the Sagamiko Interchange (相模湖IC).

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