Deleted scenes of Hime-chan’s Ribbon, Episode 25

Spoiler Warning: This memo reveals several plot elements of Ep. 25.

January 13, 2012

Himeko, Daichi, and Tarō in Kazetachi Film Company

In the final version of Episode 25, Daichi says, “There’s a way to become Fire Cop. Nonohara, your father directs at Kazetachi Film Company, right?” to which Himeko answers, “Y–Yeah…” In the next scene, we see the two coming out of the building of Kazetachi Film Company (15:45).

However, if you watch closely the preview of this episode at the end of the previous episode, you can tell there is a deleted scene between those two events—a scene that is seen in the preview, but does not exist in the final version.

*Smiling Tarō *Happy Himeko, Bowing Daichi

The deleted scene shows Himeko, Daichi, and Himeko’s father, Tarō. They are probably in the Kazetachi Film Company, where Himeko and Daichi ask Tarō to lend them Fire Cop’s costume, and he okays. Himeko is very happy, and jump-hugs her father. Daichi is bowing, obviously saying “Thank you very much.” In the final version of this episode, Tarō does not appear at all, but Satō Masamichi, the seiyū who would have voiced him, is credited nevertheless. Maybe the deletion was decided at the last minute (the reason why is anyone’s guess) and they didn’t have time to update the credits.

Nervous Daichi

This is a scene in the haioku, or the abandoned house that is their “secret base.”

*Daichi holding the magical palette for Himeko

Apparently this scene is right after Himeko’s transformation into Daichi’s father. Daichi looks a bit nervous to see Himeko as his own father. Himeko is probably saying “I’ll be there at 3 wearing this costume, so go there and wait for me.”

*A door and a map on the wall

The map on the wall is slightly distorted, but it shows the Kantō region of Japan, including Tokyo. Kazetachi city (国立市) is based on Kunitachi city (風立市) in Tokyo.

In the final version, you can still see the same door and the same map (although quite distorted) for a short while, when Himeko transforms at 18:04. Daichi is likely standing in front of her holding her magical palette (aka Bunshin Palette), but the camera never shows him in the final version of this scene.

Unhappy Pokota

You can see this unhappy Pokota only in the preview.

*Sad Pokota on the floor

Perhaps this is when he tries to do “Ike Ike Go Go Jump” with Himeko’s bunshin (copy), saying, “Let’s do it together.” She doesn’t do it too well (5:49). So, maybe Pokota is saying “She looks like Hime-chan, but she's not like Hime-chan at all.”

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