Snufkin in Himeko’s Room
Hime-chan’s Ribbon Episode 13: Annex 2

February 3, 2007 – HCR13 Annex 2: Snufkin in Himeko’s Room

Snufkin is a character from the Moomin series, children's books by Finnish writer Tove Jansson, originally published in Swedish.

For some reasons, Moomin is VERY popular in Japan, and was made into anime at least 3 times. Snufkin is a vagabond everyone loves, although Snufkin in anime is slightly different from the original character. Google "Snufkin" (スナフキン) in Japanese, and you'll get 2,790,000 pages (as of writing), showing how incredibly he is loved in the Japanese-speaking area.

This doll in Himeko's room is drawn ambiguously (maybe on purpose to avoid copyright problems), but should be Snufkin.

Typical images of Snufkin in Japan, with his accordion or harmonica.

Moomin (original version), you can see Snufkin in the left bottom corner.

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